What distinguishes this version of the book:  

  • An increase in the usage of the articles and a number of exercises for each lesson.
  • Adding new sound rules with exercises specific to the Laam Shamsiyyah and Laam Qamariyyah; and other useful lessons.
  • With this book comes an interactive, animated CD (sold separately) with distinguished children's voices.
  • By Allah's will and grace, the Arabic version of the book has spread to the Arab and Muslim communities in some Western countries such as Germany, Italy, England, as well as the United States and some Asian and African countries. And with that came an increased demand for an English version until this book successfully came into being.
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     Learn the names of the Arabic alphabet
     Learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet
     Recognize the difference between Arabic & Othmani script
     Exercises for each lesson with words directly from the Quran
     Lesson on long vowels in Othmani script
     Exercises focusing on the Laam Shamsiyyah & Laam Qamariyyah
     Explanation on the difference between closed Taa' and open Taa'
     Special practicing exercises taken from our other book, Rules of Reciting The Quran, covering:

    • Noon Saakinah and Tanween
    • Meem Saakinah
    • Mudood (lengthenings)
    • ....and much more!
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